Open Data Index 2015 – Kosovo

Open Knowledge Foundation has Published its 2015 edition of Open Data Index. Taiwan has taken 1st place away from the UK. Kosovo is judged 43% open, ranking 35th, down from 31st place last year. In the neighbourhood, Albania ranked 37th after a large jump and Macedonia ranked 69th. Others have not been scored.

Overall the process this year was much more rigokfn2015ksorous.

The 2015 index has been extended to 15 data sets, compared to 10 last year. The extra data sets are: Government Procurement Tenders, Water quality, Land Ownership, Weather Forecast and Health Performance, although this last one was not counted due to issues with methodology.

The drop in ranking is due to three reasons. First, not making any advancements during 2015 on what gets counted towards the index.

Second, improper copyright notices marking content in public websites as protected when it is actually in public domain according to the Law on Copyright, causing unnecessary legal uncertainty.

Third, addition of new data sets where Kosovo ranks particularly bad. Ex. the Hydro-meteorology Institute collects the required weather data on their website but they are published only for a few days and then removed but they are not published.

Once again, while Kosovo does a fine job in collecting the data in question, they are not made publicly available on what I suspect are for the most part pure organizational reasons rather than political, policy or technical ones. While this is unfortunate, the good news is that improvement would be quite easy.

What I believe would really make a difference though and is politically difficult to achieve is land ownership transparency. A more transparent cadastre would go a long way towards a better governed Kosovo.

Unless some dedication is put on this issue, other countries will advance while Kosovo remains at standstill, like it did this year.

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