Hiking Kosovo

Kosovo is surrounded by mountains on its west and south and more softer ones in the central part. Although there are no established trails, with some knowledge all of these can be hiked.

The Alpine-Mountaineering Federation of Kosova (FBAK) supervises eleven mountaineering clubs with the most prominent being Pashtriku in Gjakova, Prishtina, Sharri in Prizren, Gjeravica in Peja and Sharri Lybeteni in Ferizaj. Other clubs exist but are not supervised by the Federation. The best way to taste Kosovo’s mountains is to join one of these clubs for a small membership fee. The hikes are organized on weekends going from weekly ones with general attendance in some clubs to more rare but demanding hikes in others. Other than mountaineering, the clubs are also involved in alpinism, orienteering, speleology, biathlon and rescue training.

The best hiking can be done in the mountains in the west and south with some expeditions going on in the neighboring countries just across the border in Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro.

The clubs mostly hike the areas around the cities where they are based.

Mountains in Kosova are covered in snow from November to April. Snow and water-proof boots are mandatory in the West due to the need for stream fording.

Favorite mountains to hike are Gërmia near Prishtina, Lybteni, Bistra (at Prevalla), Gjeravica, Gen. Fritz Van Korph Peak, Pashtriku and Guri i Kuq (at Gjeravica).

Kosovo has two national parks: Accursed Mountains and Sharr Mountain.

If camping is your kind of thing, Boge in Rugova is highly recommended. In Lybeten at Gllokuqica you can drive all the way up to 1100 to a nice camping site, in Prevallë on the way to Bistër and in Bare near Mitrovica at around 1050 m.

Nearby Prishtina, you can pick from Kaçanik Mountain near Besiana, Zllasha Peak at over 1000 m, Artana Mountain and the all too familiar Gërmia.

If you prefer water, try the excellent hiking and waterfalls at Brod, Shutman, Koretnik or Mirusha. Liqenat in Rugova sports two beautiful lakes and a great view.

For some speleology, try the Rugova Gorge.

If any of these activities fancies you, FBAK can provide counseling and guides for a more stress-free experience. Please see http://fbaku.org for more information. FBAK and Prishtina club office is located on Andrea Gropa St. n. n. behind the Parliament and main government building.

See http://www.KosovoGuide.com for more things to do while in Kosovo.

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